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Sometimes, the same acronym is used for different things and all such terms of reference are .. BADGE BUNNY - A woman who likes to have sex with cops. When one cop car parks next to another, so both drivers side windows are facing each other and the cops talk to each other. Usually seen in parking lots, and is. (Police officer, quoted in Inside the British Police by Simon Holdaway, ) used almost exclusively by men and having overtones of 'sex object', 'victim' or.

Cop sex dictionary -

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Cop sex dictionary -

Put pressure on somebody Tin: Lexicographer Eric Partridge published several works about British slang, most notably Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional Englishrevised and edited by Paul Beale. Looks person up, comes to persons door Buzzer:

: Cop sex dictionary

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cop sex dictionary Coprosexuality synonyms, Coprosexuality pronunciation, Coprosexuality translation, English dictionary definition of Coprosexuality. n. feces. cop′ro· phil′i·ac′ n. n an abnormal interest in faeces and their evacuation See also : Sex. 15 Feb New York state would make it illegal for police officers to have sex with people in their custody under a proposal gaining momentum in Albany. 8 Mar This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of cop off with is. to attract a person and at least have a kiss, and maybe have sex.